Wholesale Orchid Plants - Mixed Dendro. & Oncid. 1x24

Wholesale Orchid Plants - Mixed Dendro. & Oncid. 1x24
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Blooming Dendrobium Orchid Plants Table Top Size - Single Spike - Assorted Colors - Holiday Wrap - 4" Nursery Pot. Height 7"-14" plus flower spike, approx. 20" overall. Ready to sell with one to 3 flowers open - 5 to 8 flowers per spike.

Blooming Oncidium Orchid Plants 4" nursery pot with decorative clearthane covering the pots. Each box contains a mix of: Grower Ramsey, Taka, Sweet Sugar,and Volcano Queen. The Grower Ramsey is the tallest at 3 - 3.5ft; Sweet Sugar is the shortest at an average of 18", but with a Bonsai look. The others are between 18" and 42+" in length.

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