Hawaiian Vocal Artists

Hawaiian Vocal Artists

5 by Ho`okena
The tranquil sounds of their musical harmonies make Ho`okena a group that is associated with the grace and flow of a lovely hula dancer. Their masculine, rich sounds and use of the beautiful Hawaiian language make them my favorite group. A must have Ho`okena in their most recent release, 5.

Na Leo Pilimehana, A pocketful of paradise A Pocketful of Paradise
The bond between the three artists of Na Leo Pilimehana makes their music sound soothing and unique. This is their eleventh album and features popular songs like "A pocketful of paradise" and "Sugar Cane Shack." The album also includes many great cover songs like "You've Got A Friend/Lean On Me" and "With a Little Help From My Friends." Order A Pocketful of Paradise today!

Na Leo Pilimehana, Na Leo Na Leo
Na Leo, meaning voices in Hawaiian, will get you hooked to the smooth sounds of Nalani Choy, Lehua Kalima, Angela Morales, the women of Na Leo Pilimehana. Songs from this CD, including Poetry Man and Flying With Angels, have won the hearts of listeners in Hawaii and the mainland U.S., and the Na Hoku Hanohano Anthology Album of the Year. Find out what the buzz is about and order Na Leo today!

Na Leo Pilimehana, I Miss You Hawaii I Miss You Hawaii
This trio presents their newest release of traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music. Na Leo Pilimehana is a group recently introduced to the mainland U.S., but have been harmonizing in Hawaii for more than 15 years. I Miss You Hawaii been awarded Hawaii's prestigious 2000 Na Hoku Hanohano awards for Group of the Year, Island Contemporary Album of the Year and Song of the Year. Order I Miss You Hawaii today!

The Best of the Brothers Cazimero Volume III
Welcome the Brothers Cazimero's newest release. No Hawaiian music collection is complete without at least one Cazimero selection. For more than 20 years, they've been entertaining visitors to Hawaii and traveling around the world with the Aloha spirit in their music. Pick up Cazimeros- Volume III today!

Cazimero, hawaiian music 20 Years of Hoku Award Winning Songs
The Brothers Cazimero are inventors of comtemporary Hawaiian music and true showmen of song and Hula. With unmistakable voices and style, listen to 17 reasons that they have won prestigious Hoku Hanohano awards for the last 20 years. Order 20 Years..... now!

Amy Gilliom,Nostalgia,hawaiian music Nostalgia
Amy Gilliom's Nostalgia earns her the award of Female Vocalist of the Year. Amy delivers the songs that brings Hawaii to mind like 'My Little Grass Shack', 'Tiny Bubbles', 'Aloha `Oe', and more using the beautiful Hawaiian language. Nostalgia will be a great addition to your musical library. Buy Nostalgia today!

Amy Gilliom,Hanaialii, Willie K. Hanaiali`i
Amy and Willie have come together once again to create music that is great. I love Amy's vocal style and use of the Hawaiian language. Willie K., who I refer to as the rock-and-roll Hawaiian, has expanded his musical style, allowing his vocal and accoustic talents to shine. Although Willie does very little vocal work on this CD, his guitar and `ukulele playing compliments Gilliom's stirring voice. Check out Hanaiali`i , especially my favorite tune "Ala Moana Annie".
Buy Hanaiali`i today!

Amy Gilliom,Hawaiian Tradition,hawaiian music Hawaiian Tradition
The classically trained vocals of Amy Hanaialii Gilliom, comparable to the famous Aunty Genoa Keawe, will take you back in time. Gilliom delivers both traditional and contemporary selections, from toe tapping “Haleiwa Hula” to soul soothing “Kihawahine”. Pick up Hawaiian Tradition today!

Hapa, Namahana Namahana
This duo is definitely a find out of the island of Maui. Their rich vocal, guitar, and ukulele styles have won them many awards and nominations of Hawaii's prestigious Na Hoku Hanohano Awards within the past five years. Order Namahana today!

Kekuhi Kekuhi
Kekuhi Kanahele is an electrifying vocalist. She is from a well-known Big Island family and was raised with a rich cultural heritage of hula and the Hawaiian language. Kekuhi is a blend of deep rooted tradition and contemporary flair, making her own name well-known in Hawaii and through the U.S. Order Kekuhi today!

Makaha Sons Golden Hawaiian Melodies
Their most recent release, Golden Hawaiian Melodies is deserving of its high rating. In classic Makaha style, they have harmonized classic tunes like Lovely Hula Hands, Little Grass Shack, and more, great for Hula or just a relaxed listen. Pick up Golden Hawaiian Melodies today!

Makaha Sons Ke Alaulau
The Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau are known for their awesome harmonization. The group once consisted of the late Israel Kamakawiwo'ole but is still continuing to shine without their beloved member. This album features a great cover of ABBA's "I Have A Dream." Pick up Ke Alaula today!

Makaha Sons of Niihau, hawaiian music Ho'oluana
Ho'oluana, originally released in 1991, is the Makaha Sons of Niihau's best-loved collection. It is filled with Hawaiian, English, traditional and contemporary tunes. The Makaha Son's harmonizing and smooth vocal style, as in the hauntingly beautiful "Nohili E", will bring your soul straight to Hawaii's shores. Pick up Ho'oluana today!

Teresa Bright, hawaiian music Self Portrait
Teresa Bright's soulful voice is unmistakable; her relaxed style and melodious tunes will truly remind you of long rides through the Hawaiian countryside. This winner of many awards will quickly become one of your favorite Hawaiian singers. Pick up Self Portrait today and check out her newest release Lei Ana.

Kealii Reichel, Melelana, hawaiian music Melelana
Keali`i Reichel is a very talented and popular artist loved throughout Hawaii, the U.S., and Japan. He is a kumu hula (traditional Hawaiian dance instructor) on the island of Maui, and is deeply rooted in Hawaii's culture and heritage. His newest release is a multiple Na Hoku winner, awarded the 2000 Male Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year and Hawaiian Album of the Year . You can expect contemporary tunes in his traditional style that are sure to please. Order Melelana today!

Kealii Reichel, Kawaipunahele, hawaiian music Kawaipunahele
Kawaipunahele is a mix of Hawaiian and English songs that you'll enjoy as an addition to your Hawaiian music collection. A best seller in Hawai`i and across the continental U.S., order Kawaipunahele today!

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Facing Future
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole was one of the islands most famous musicians. His mellow voice will soothe your soul. His song "Somewhere over the rainbow/What a wonderful world" is very popular and has been featured in the movie's Meet Joe Black and Finding Forrester. order Facing Future today!

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Alone In IZ World
This CD features rare alternate versions of his classic renditions as well as some brand new tracks. This CD is also enhanced so if you ever get tired of it, just plug it into the computer and view photos, press coverage, screen saver, catalog, and biography to provide some insight on Braddah Iz's life. order Alone In IZ World today!

Israel Kamakawiwoole, Makaha Sons of Niihau, hawaiian music Ka Ano'i
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, once a member of the Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau, will always be a musical legend in Hawai'i. His simple tenor vocal style and ukulele playing has influenced a generation of local musicians here. His early death in 1997 has not stopped his popularity or the effect he has on his listeners. Experience the magic yourself with songs that will get you dancing like "Margarita" and melodies like "Over the Rainbow".Pick up Ka Ano'i today!

Israel Kamakawiwoole, Makaha Sons of Niihau, hawaiian music In Dis Life
Another classic album by the late Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. This album features the hit tracks Johnny Mahoe, Yokozuna,Starting All Over Again, and more. Experience one of the most famous voices of Hawai'i. Pick up In Dis Life today!

Ale'a Take Me Home
This CD features a wide variety of music. Take Me Home features the hit songs "Baby can I hold you" and "Lady In Red." This album has received great customer reviews. Order Take Me Home today!

Robi Kahakalau Keiki O' Ka 'Aina
Robi Kahakalau is famous for her works with the Hawaiian Style Band. This album features songs about her family, romance, and hawaiian stories. Keiki O' Ka 'Aina has guest appearances by the Ka'au Crater boys, Makaha Sons, and B.B. Shawn.

Order Keiki O' Ka 'Aina today!