Nui Nui (the BIG one) Tropical Mix

Nui Nui Tropical <br> Mixed Arrrangement
Nui Nui Tropical
Mixed Arrrangement
Item# V0305

Product Description

Nui Nui means very large, and this is one of our largest tropical mixes. Made with of: 2 Heliconias, 4 Birds Of Paradise (substitue with Tropical Fleur or other Heliconia if Birds not available), 4 Gingers, 7 large assorted Anthuriums, 5 Dendrobium Orchid sprays, 1 novelty Ginger, 5 Hala leaves, 5 Large Green Ti Leaves and 2 Monstera leaves.

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Flowers come unarranged, and simply need to be placed in a vase with water.