Tropical Flowers and Plants

Books About Orchids

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids
by Alec Pridgeon

An informative resource book of 1,100 orchid species and hybrids. Vivid photos, descriptions, culture, cultivation, and more that both the beginner and advanced orchid admirer and grower should have in their library. Order The Illustrated Encyclopedia... today!

Home Orchid Growing Home Orchid Growing
by Rebecca Tyson Northen

Another wonderful reference, in its 4th edition, especially for the serious orchid enthusiast. Find information on cloning, use of artificial light, plans for building greenhouses, and much more. Used as a leading authority and guide for nearly forty years, order Home Orchid Growing today!

Home Orchid Growing Gardener's Guide To Growing Orchids: A Complete Guide To Cultivation and Care
by Wilma Rittershausen and Brian Rittershausen

This book provides all the information you need to grow your own orchids. It features instructions on every part of orchid care and contains amazing photos. Also included in this book is instruction on hybridizing your own orchids, a technique usually found in advanced books. Perfect for advanced growers or beginners. Order Gardener's Guide To Growing Orchids: A Complete Guide To Cultivation And Care today!

Simon and Schuster's Guide to Orchids Simon and Schuster's Guide to Orchids
by Alberto Fanfani, Walter Rossi

This is a great pocket reference guide to the world of orchids. In it you’ll find concise easy to read information about each orchid variety including light requirements, temperature, humidity and growing tips. It has an abundance of color orchid photographs, and is well printed.
Order Simon and Schuster's Guide to Orchids Today!

Orchids Simplified Orchids Simplified: An Indoor Gardening Guide
by Henry Jaworski

Jaworski's writing, perfect for the beginning orchid lover, will inspire those who might be intimidated by this sophisticated flower. True to the title, he takes the guess work out of growing and maintaining your orchid. Order Orchids Simplified today!

Books About Bonsai

The Bonsai Workshop The Bonsai Workshop
by Herb Gustafson

Gustafson presents over 45 years of working with, and teaching the art of, bonsai trees to you. From the beginner to the intermediate bonsai artisan, detailed pictures and drawings will help you become more comfortable with your bonsai and see their possibility through Gustafson's own work. Order The Bonsai Workshop today!

The Living Art of Bonsai The Living Art of Bonsai: Principles & Techniques of Cultivation & Propagation
by Amy Liang

Liang's book is a must,it is very detailed and its pictures can serve as a beautiful table book. It is very highly rated among other Amazon customers. Order The Living Art of Bonsai.. today!

Bonsai Survival Manual Bonsai Survival Manual:Tree-By-Tree Guide to Buying, Maintaining, and Problem Solving
by Colin Lewis

If you're considering the art of bonsai or are just beginning, check out this manual. Lewis, founder of Bonsai magazine, provides valuable and understandable information to keep your bonsai happy and healthy.
Order the Bonsai Survival Manual now!

Books About Tropical Flowers

The Tropical Look : An Encyclopedia of Dramatic Landscape Plants The Tropical Look : An Encyclopedia of Dramatic Landscape Plants
by Robert Lee Riffle This book won Horticultural Book of the Year, and provides much information in an encyclopedia format. Highly rated for its useful, understandable text, some pictures included.Order The Tropical Look for your library today.

The Exotic Garden, Richard Iversen The Exotic Garden: Designing with Tropical Plants in Any Climate
by Richard R. Iversen

The title of this well-written guide says it all. If you're interested in bringing an exotic look to your garden, Iversen has taken the guess work out by providing detailed information about planting, pest control, propagation, and much more. Whether you're a weekend gardener or an avid gardener, you'll love The Exotic Garden.
Order The Exotic Garden:Designing with Tropical Plants in Any Climate today!

Tropical Plants for Home and Garden, William Warren Tropical Plants for Home and Garden
by William Warren,Luca Invernizzi Tettoni Welcome this book by author William Warren, an author familiar with tropical plants and picturesque & exotic Thailand. Order Tropical Plants today.