Miltonia Care Instructions

Miltonia Care Instructions
Miltonias are well known for there large flat flowers which have earned them the nickname "pansy orchids". The beautifully colored flowers reach sizes of 2-3 inches in width.


Miltonia's do best in light to medium light intensities(1,000 to 2,000 footcandles). Miltonia's do sunburn easily and need shade near hot windows. If plants are receiving enough light the leaves will be light green. They may even appear lighter than healthy. If the leaves appear slightly pink they are receiving the most sunlight they can tolerate.


Miltonia's are sensitive to day temperatures over 80 F. They prefer cool night temperatures of 50-55 F.


Miltonia's need moist, not soggy, soil at all times. If new plant leaves emerge pleated, the plants are not receiving enough water.


Must be provided on a regular basis because most potting media have little. Provide: The exact fertilizer you use will depend on the mix in which your plant is growing. A good general rule is to use a balanced (10-10-10, 12-12-12 or similar ratio) fertilizer "weakly, weekly". That is fertilize every week at one quarter to one half of the recommended dilution.