Books About Surfing

Surfing The Perfect Day: 40 Years Of Surfer Magazine
by Sam George

If you are an avid surfer than you have read Surfer Magazine before. This coffee table book showcases 40 years of Surfer's favorite photo's and is packed with great articles on the evolution the surfing culture.

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Surfing Da Bull: Life Over the Edge
by Greg Noll, Andrea Gabbard
This book is perfect for anyone interested in knowing more about surfings roots. Greg Noll was one of the first surf legends and is credited with finding some of the most spectacular spots that make up the North Shore of Oahu. This book shares his favorite memories and the evolution of the sport. Pick up Da Bull: Life Over The Edge today!

Surfing North Shore Chronicles: Big Wave Surfing In Hawaii
by Bruce Jenkins
This book is a collection of interviews of the surfers dedicated to riding the monster waves of the North Shore. It offers insight into the lives of these surfers and also has some great pictures. Pick up North Shore Chronicles: Big Wave Surfing In Hawaii today!

Surfing Histroy Surfing: A History of the Ancient Hawaiian Sport
by James D. Houston, Ben R. surfin Finney

Ancient Hawaiians enjoyed surfing. They would bet land in surfing contests. Surfing shows surfing's timeline and the evolution of the surfboad from the 200 pound koa boards to the surfboards of today.

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The Big Drop The Big Drop: Classic Big Wave Surfing Stories
by John Long (Editor), Hai Van K. Sponholz (Editor)

We have all seen pictures of a surfer zipping across the face of a 30+ foot wave and wondered what would happen if they were to wipe out on a wave like that. This book is a collection of famous wipe out stories and is written by the surfers themselves. It will definetely get your adrenaline pumping.

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Surfing Sleeping In The Shorebreak
by Don Wolf

This book is a must read for the surfer and non-surfer. Sleeping in the Shorebreak contains both humorous and tragic stories.

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Surfing Surf Flex: Flexibility, Yoga and Conditioning Exercises for Surfers
by Paul Frediani

Surfing requires much agility and flexibility, perhaps the most of any sport. This book is one of the first books to target the exercises and conditioning requirements of surfers. It features yoga based stretches, cardio, strength, balance, swimming, and injury prevention techniques. The author of this book, Paul Frediani, is a well known fitness trainer and educator and has been certified as a Medical Exercise Specialist by the American College of Sports Medicine. The work outs in this book can also be used for non-surfers.

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Surfing Fit To Surf
by Rocky Snyder

The waves during the summer can be too small for even the begginer surfer. Fit To Surf will help surfers become more physically fit for surfing. It features an exercise program that will increase flexibility, strength, and confidence in the water.

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Surfing Hawaii Jaws Maui
by Blue Max, Charlie Lyon, Leslie Lyon, Charles Lyon, Patrick McFeeley, Peter W. Cannon

When people hear "Jaws" they think of great white sharks or the movie. When a surfer hears "Jaws" they think of a place with the some of the biggest waves in the world. This book is a salute to the big wave pioneers who surf Jaws Maui.

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