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True Indoor Bonsai™

We are proud to offer True Indoor Bonsai trees developed and grown by Fuku-Bonsai. Fuku-Bonsai is recognized in the world bonsai community for their exceptional quality, and uniquely Hawaiian bonsai style.

The popular Dwarf Schefflera Arboricola Lava Rock Plantings are ideal starter stock for those wanting to grow indoor bonsai. It meets the two basic rules for selecting starter stock:

1) It is a proven house plant to grow indoors, while many traditional bonsai trees are �outdoor� plants, making them more difficult for the beginner.

2) Each plant is trained for 2-4 years before rock planting, so it already has some "character," with branches and established surface and/or aerial roots. The plant is also much more durable.

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THE FUKU-BONSAI SCHEFFLERA LINE - The True Indoor Bonsai™ schefflera line (above) shows the complete line relative in size to each other with item numbers. For prices and ordering, please scroll down.

For more detailed growing instructions, and visitor information, go to the Fuku-Bonsai website or check out our Bonsai book selections from

The Schefflera Lava Rock Plantings which can be ordered below, are shipped directly by Fuku-Bonsai with their standard limited warranty: "Fuku-Bonsai guarantees satisfaction and safe arrival on all items sent directly from their nursery; if received in damaged or unsatisfactory condition, return within 10 days by postpaid airmail for refund or replacement. No other warranty is implied or expressed."

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