Aloha! This is the start of our "Ikebana" section. We'll be featuring flowers and arrangement ideas, books supplies and more.

We have found a local woodworker, Bob Bergado, making a very classy koa ikebana stand. See below.

Ikebana - the art of Japanese flower arrangingIkebana : Step by Step Japanese Flower Arrangement
by Reiko Takenaka

Extensive collection of color photographs and illustrations showing how to arrange flowers using various forms of ikebana styles. Tools, step-by-step techniques, design philosophy, and photographs of numerous arrangements using assorted flowers including tropicals, makes this an excellent introduction to the world of Japanese flower arranging.
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Enchanting Ikebana-Japanese Flower Arrangement
Impress visitors to your home or office with the newest recipe book of beauty and simplicity by Reiko Takenaka. This guide provides instructions for more than 60 flower arrangements and inspiration for creations of your own.
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