Hula (Hawaiian Dances & Songs)

Hula - Dances & Songs of Hawaii

With Hilo as the host of the annual Merrie Monarch Hula Festival and the World Hula Conference, we've decided to add a hula section just for you. Hula was an important part of Hawaiian life long ago, not only for entertainment, but more importantly for religious & ceremonial purposes.

Sacred Hula Sacred Hula-The Historical Hula Ala'apapa Bishop Museum Bulletin

The Bishop Museum is a leading authority on Hawaiian artifacts and history. With archives of film on hula masters of long ago, recorded chants and songs, and more.Order Sacred Hula today!

How to Hula How To Hula
Patricia Murray & Joe Perrone Jr. (Photographer)
Filled with beautiful photographs and easy to follow instructions. Novice dances for any occasion, Hawaiian history & legends, and simple lei making & costume design. Can you hear those ukuleles yet? Order How To Hula.

Hula Be A Hula Girl- VHS
Leinaala Kuloloio

You don't have to be in Hawaii to learn the hula. Leinala can teach you from across the Pacific in Lahaina, Maui straight into your home. Enjoy the scenery and the hula lesson with Be A Hula Girl today.

Hula video Kumu Hula: Keepers of a Culture- VHS
Robert Mugge

Kumu hula are the master teachers of Hawaiian dance. Most of them have gone through years, even decades, of training under their kumu hula. See interviews with these kumu hula and performances from their hula halau (dance school). See the culture and lifestyle behind the "dance". Pick up Kumu Hula today!