Hawaiian Cookbooks

Hawaiian Cookbooks

New Wave LuauNew Wave Luau
by Alan Wong & John Harrisson

Alan Wong is a genius in the Hawaiian Regional Cuisine arena, awarded the Best Regional Chef for the Pacific Northwest in 1996 by the James Beard Foundation. Wong's New Wave Luau brings to you the wonderful creations served in his restaurant that has won the Best Restaurant of the Year by Honolulu magazine for three years. Order New Wave Luau today!

HAwaii CookingRemembering Diamond Head, Remembering Hawai'i
by Shirley Tong Parola, Lisa Parola Gaynier, Lisa Parola

This book features 250 exotic Hawaiian recipes and tips on buying the best ingredients to create these recipes. It also provides some history on the recipe and the sometimes humorous stories involving the recipe. This is a great tool for anyone who wants to learn to old and new Hawaiian Recipes. Order Remembering Diamond Head, Remembering Hawai'i today!

Hawaiian FoodThe Food of Paradise: Exploring Hawaii's Culinary Heritage
by Rachel Laudan

This book concentrates more on the local food that is enjoyed daily by many families throughout Hawaii. It also provides a history on the recipes. Learn to cook the real Hawaiian style!

Order The Food of Paradise today!

Hawaii ChefsThe New Cuisine of Hawaii: Recipes from the Twelve Celebrated Chefs of Hawaii Regional Cuisine
by Janice Wald Henderson

This book has compiled recipes from twelve of the most celebrated Hawaiian chefs. It features recipes from Sam Choy, Roy Yamaguchi, Alan Wong, Jean-Marie Josselin, and more.

Order The New Cuisine of Hawaii: Recipes from the Twelve Celebrated Chefs of Hawaii Regional Cuisine today!

Roy's Feasts from HawaiiRoy's Feasts from Hawaii
by Roy Yamaguchi & John Harrisson
One of Hawaii's premier chefs brings Pacific Rim cuisine to you to. Amazon customers,from the east to west coast, have rated this cookbook highly. Feasts from Hawaii also makes a great coffee table book. Order Feasts from Hawaii today!

Sam Choy's Island Flavors, Sam ChoySam Choy's Island Flavors
by Sam Choy & U`i Goldsberry

Welcome Sam Choy's newest edition of wonderful recipes as a gift or an addition to your library You're sure to love the numerous seafood and chicken recipes, and the dessert and exotic drink sections. Order Island Flavors today!

Sam Choy's KitchenSam Choy's Kitchen
by Sam Choy, Lynn Cook

This book features excellent and very easy to prepare recipes from Master Chef Sam Choy. You might have seen some of these recipes on his popular TV show "Sam Choy's Kitchen." If you have ever tried one of his recipes, you know that they are consistantly excellent. Order Sam Choy's Kitchen today!

Sam Choy's, Sam ChoySam Choy's Poke
by Sam Choy and Randall Francisco
An entire cookbook on one of Hawaii's favorite dishes, poke. This book features the winning recipes from Sam's Kona Poke Festival as well as his own poke creations.

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Choy of Cooking:  Sam Choy's Island Cuisine Choy of Cooking: Sam Choy's Island Cuisine
by Sam Choy & Catherine Enomoto

Local cuisine chef and restaurant owner Sam Choy has combined the flavors of East and West in this highly rated book. It not only provides vibrant shots of each recipe, excellent cooking techniques, and fat reduction ideas, it is sure to please. Buy it today!

Sam Choy Sam Choy's Polynesian Kitchen: More Than 150 Authentic Dishes From One Of The World's Most Delicious and Overlooked Cuisines
by Sam Choy
A great book by Hawaii's most recognized chef, Sam Choy. This book features high flavor recipes from the polynesian islands, including Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, Samoa, Marquesas, Tonga, and New Zealand. In this book Choy discusses his travels throughout these islands and the various culinary influences on each island. Buy it today!

Great Chefs of Hawai`iGreat Chefs of Hawai`i
by Kaui Philpott

Welcome this compilation of more than 400 recipes from 48 of Hawaii's most honored and well-known resort and restaurant chefs, such as Sam Choy, Roy Yamaguchi, and Alan Wong. This companion recipe book to the "Great Chefs of Hawaii" television series not only contains fabulous photos, but information on wines, mail order sources, and a glossary of Hawaiian ingredients. Order it today!

Mauna LoaThe Mauna Loa Macadamia Cooking Treasury
by Leslie Mansfield
The Big Island has the worlds finest macadamia orchards. Macadamia nut dishes go beyond chocolate covered sweets. This book contains over 100 recipes that have been gathered by the islands top chefs. Order it today!

Hawaii CookingA Taste Of Hawaii
by Jean-Marie Josselin, Martin Jacobs, Coco Masuda
Jean-Marie Josselin has combined recipes of different cultures to create great recipes using Hawaii's wonderful ingredients. A Taste Of Hawaii contains spectacular recipes, and great photo's. Order A Taste of Hawaii today!

Books About Your Well-Being

Eating WellEating Well for Optimum Health
by Andrew Weil, M.D.
A highly rated reference that will break myths and educate you on a healthier way of life. From hydrogenated oil to cooking with aluminum pots, order Eating Well today!

Dr.Shintani, hawaiian diet Dr. Shintani's Hawaii Diet
by Terri Shintani & Bob Arnot

If your looking to lower your weight, blood sugar, and blood pressure, this might be the book for you. Foods and their preparation are important in the quest for good health and well-being. Dr. Shintani has taken an approach of body and spirit to diet, a diet without meat. Get healthy with Dr. Shintani's Hawaii Diet today!