Hilo Hattie's Big Kahuna Bouquet

The Big Kahuna (BIGK)
The Big Kahuna (BIGK)
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Product Description

Our largest tropical assortment, this gorgeous bouquet will amaze and delight friends and loved ones for several weeks. THEY WILL NOT FORGET THIS ONE! Also perfect for your business reception area, or home decorating.

The Big Kahuna consists of: 10 Large Mixed Anthuriums, 10 Fancy Novelty Anthuriums, 5 Upright Heliconia, 5 Pink Ginger, 5 Red Ginger, 5 Pincushion Protea, 5 Phoenix Palm leaves, 5 Ti Leaves, 6 Lycopodium, 2 Mini Monstera leaves and 1 Complimentary Ti Leaf Lei with 3 Rosettes.

Price includes Federal Express Standard Overnight delivery if available to the recipient's address (Mon - Fri; 3 days including day of shipping for east coast, see Shipping Info for details. Flowers come unarranged.